Cantonal Damages & Compensation Authorities

Under certain conditions victims can claim reparation and/or compensation from the damage and compensation office in the canton in which the criminal act took place.

Adresses of the State Compensation Offices (changes of address are to be added here)

A claim of compensation can be made for the damages caused by the criminal act. If the victim requires instant financial help, a payment in advance is possible under certain conditions. It depends on the victim’s financial situation if compensation is to be paid or not. Compensation is only awarded to people whose countable income is under a set limit. 

Reparation (compensation for pain and suffering) is awarded for a serious injustice, if special conditions are at hand. The payment of reparation is made without taking the victim’s financial situation into consideration.

There is a 5 year cut-off date for submissions: All claims for damages and reparation have to be made within 5 years after the criminal act took place at the official authorities in the Canton in which the act was carried out. All claims received after this date are invalid. There are new rules (favouring the victim) regarding serious criminal acts involving children under 16 years of age who become victims and are put through a criminal procedure. 

It is recommended that the Counselling Centre be contacted as soon as possible.