Counselling Centres

The Counselling Centres offer personal counselling talks via telephone or in the centres themselves.

The Counselling Centre employees inform and support with questions like:

- Should a denunciation (complaint of an offence) be made?
- How do things proceed from here on?
- Which emergency accommodation is suitable?
- What rights do I have as a victim?
- Do I need a lawyer?
- Which therapist is suitable?
- Who pays the expenses?
- Do I as a victim have the right to financial help?

The Counselling Centres can also provide help through third parties:

Urgent cases requiring Emergency Help, e.g. crisis intervention by a psychotherapist, emergency legal aid from a lawyer, the organising of emergency accommodation, security measures etc. Emergency help organised by the Counselling Centres is free of charge.

The reintegration and further Ongoing Support, e.g. by psychotherapy, legal aid or mandatory guidance from a lawyer etc. Expenses for ongoing support will be taken care of by the counselling centre if the victim’s personal or financial situation requires it. The counselling centre has to be addressed beforehand.

All Counselling Centre employees are trained professionals, and are all under the pledge of secrecy. No steps are taken before confiding with the victim.

Free choice of Victim’s Help- Counselling centres
There is at least one Victims’ Counselling Centre in every canton. Some are general counselling centres, and others are specialised counselling centres (for example in children & adolescents). The victim can choose the office from which he acquires help, it does not have to be the nearest.

One is strongly advised to contact the Victim’s Help office as early as possible.

Data protection and professional secrecy (in German only)
Richtlinien betreffend Datenschutz und Schweigepflicht für die anerkannten Opferberatungsstellen des Kantons Zürich

Addresses of the Victims’ Counselling Centres in Switzerland
Addresses of the Victims’ Counselling Centres in the Cantons (changes of address are to be added here)
Addresses of the Victims’ Counselling Centres in children and adolescents (changes of address are to be added here)